Growing & changing: Bank holiday PhD thoughts

I haven’t blogged since 2015; partly because workload & health problems left me short on time, but partly because I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to write about.

I tried writing down a few thoughts today to help with my anxiety and, while I quickly got sidelined thinking about current projects, I thought this section was worth preserving:

It was suggested during my viva that my understanding of biological concepts relating to my project needed to ‘grow up’.  I fully agree with this comment, and note the difference in my personal satisfaction between earlier projects, where I was immersed in developmental biology, and my current PhD project, in which I focus on ‘getting work done’ with my existing physical science & programming skills.  While I feel confident in my element (in this case, physical sciences) I think in order to be truly satisfied with my work I need to be continually gaining new skills and growing as a scientist, only then can I focus on the more difficult & much needed task of growing as a person.

The wisdom of letting my well-being hinge so heavily on my job can, perhaps, be debated another day, but becoming more satisfied, excited & engaged are definitely things to look forward to.


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