Writing 101 Day 1: I write because…

Hi everyone,

I’m really excited to be participating in a number of courses this month.  Those of you who follow me on twitter will probably already know about the wonderful #survivephd15 (if you’re a PhD student and not already participating I’d check out ‘How to Survive your PhD’ on edx.org, I’m really enjoying it!)  I’m also making a second attempt at Blogging101.

This post however is dedicated to Blogging101’s sister course: Writing101, which is also being run by WordPress Blogging U.  The aim is to write a post every day for 4 weeks, based on a Writing101 prompt.

Today’s prompt is ‘I write because…’ and I’ve been thinking about my answer during the day.

I remember a book in my sixth-form school library called ‘Scientists Must Write’, I was an art student at the time and not much of a writer, so naturally I didn’t read it.  Fast forward to today and this has really come back to haunt me.

It’s not that I can’t write, I write pages and pages every day at work.  I’ve gone through so many notebooks/lab-books the guys in the supply room are starting to give me strange looks.  But when it comes to essays, presentations, papers, or even writing science-themed blog posts, the anxiety starts to creep in, I start to care too much about getting it right.  My spelling is atrocious and I can’t do grammar, my sixteenth revision isn’t fit for human eyes…etc etc.  If I had it my way, no piece of writing on any subject I found important would ever be viewed by another human being, ever.

So I’d like to make writing a habit, something I can do in a reasonable amount of time, without getting too anxious.

I’m also looking to add something enjoyable to my daily routine.  A daily writing challenge fits the bill perfectly.

I write because…”Scientists Must Write” and I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts over the next few weeks (:


P.s They’re still selling the book on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scientists-Must-Write-Engineers-Routledge/dp/0415269962 I wonder if it’s any good?


8 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 1: I write because…

    • Thanks lafridy! I have to admit I have spell check on, but hopefully by the end of this course I won’t need it quite so much! Fingers crossed.
      You’ve got some really interesting writing on your blog, looking forward to reading your Writing101 pieces (:

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  1. “Scientists must write”
    It must have come as a huge surprise to some of my classmates who wanted to pursue careers in science! So many of them thought native and foreign-language classes didn’t matter… I’m sure they think differently now!

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