Blogging 101 – Day 1: Introduce yourself!


My name is Jen, and if you’re following this, or any of my previous blogs, I think it will have become very apparent that I’m an awful blogger.

You’d think that anyone attached permanently, as I am, to their mobile phone would find the allure of blogging irresistible.  But time and again I find myself with a head that’s full of thoughts and a blog that’s intimidatingly empty.

This is why I’ve signed up to Blogging U, a site that assigns daily tasks to those new to blogging.  I’m several days (weeks?) behind with my tasks but I’m looking forward to completing them at my own slow pace.

As for my interests: I’m a physicist doing a PhD in bioinformatics, I grew up on a small island but currently live in the UK, I love tea & books and, now separated from the sea, I’ve taken to rambling through the countryside.  I’d like my blog to reflect a little bit of all of these (:

Looking forward to reading posts from other science folk, book fans and Blogging U participants.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

The site for blogging U and their Blogging 101 tasks can be found below:


8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Day 1: Introduce yourself!

  1. I like your blog and it’s better than mine so you should be pleased. I am slow with the course too. Something went wrong when I rearranged my landing page but it will be a good blog one day. I’ve signed up for next month’s course so I should be ahead of the game for a few days in September. You’ve got 240 followers – I’d say that’s a great achievement

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  2. Hi guys, thank you for the comments!

    @Garth Meaney, I’ve given your blog a follow, I like your writing and hope the writers block doesn’t keep you down for long.
    As for the 240 followers, wordpress seems to take my twitter followers into account ^^” think there’s a lot of work (and actual content creation!) to go before this blog gets some followers of its own, but I’m happy with it so far (:

    @kollitzable Hi there, thanks for visiting, love the design of your blog!


  3. Hi Jen!
    I’m super new to blogging and am just poking around. I’m also in the 101 class, and have joined it for much the same reason as you. When I’m not attached to my phone, I’m tethered to either my iPad or laptop. Like you, I tend to have multitudes of thoughts swimming around in the fishbowl I call my brain. Isn’t there some way to combine the two? Can I get some of these thoughts to jump-ship, making room for a bit of peace? I’m hoping Writing and Blogging 101 will help me figure that out….


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    • Lovely to meet you Amy,

      Know exactly how you feel on that one! Hoping to clear up a bit of space in the brain through the 101 courses too or, failing that, get some of those pesky thoughts out of my head for better examination.

      Best of luck on the courses, look forward to reading your blog!


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